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Businesses : Nightclubs : Shamrock Lounge
1724 W Douglas Ave
Wichita,KS 67203
Phone: (316) 267-3100

Shamrock Lounge

2pm-2am Daily

In 1927, looking for a real estate investment, Kansas Gas & Electric Company engineer C. V. Waddington contracted to have a small building constructed at 1724 W. Douglass (that's the way they spelled the street name then) Avenue. Sited in what was then known as Junction Township, the building consisted of a storefront and two upstairs apartments.

Waddington retained ownership of the structure until 1933 when, shortly after the repeal of Prohibition, he sold the property to local airplane designer T. C. Geselle. Geselle (who, according to his granddaughter, was also a part-time bootlegger) opened the storefront as Geselle's Bar & Grill. A large photograph of the bar from those early glory days still hangs in the Shamrock today. At some point during Geselle's tenure, the building was divided down the middle, and Mrs. Geselle operated a pharmacy out of the other half.

After this point, the building's history becomes somewhat hazy, but it is believed that around 1949, Geselle sold the structure to Wichita businessman Morris McGlynn, who opened it as the Shamrock Lounge. Morris alternately operated and leased the bar until his death, at which time his son Paul took over the helm. When Paul McGlynn passed away, his wife Neoma took over as landlady.

The Shamrock then went through a series of operators who ran the bar with varying degrees of success until it reached its lowest point in 2002. That's when David and Nicole took over operations and began a measured rebuilding process of the building's interior and exterior, including the creation of a patio where customers can sit outdoors with friends and enjoy the warm weather months.

Although they are still making improvements, the Stoughs have returned the Shamrock Lounge to its original status as a warm, friendly neighborhood bar where everyone is welcome and the fun and conversation never stop.

Drink Specials Happy Hour Specials Food Specials Entertainment
Monday: $2.25 Wells - $5.75 Coors Light pitchers      
Tuesday: $3.00 You call it's      
Wednesday: $5.75 Bud & Bud Light pitchers      
Thursday: $2.25 Domestic Bottles      
Friday: $2.25 Rum and Coke      
Saturday: $2.25 Bourbon and Coke      
Sunday: $2.25 Screwdrivers - $5.75 Miller Light pitchers