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Elite Gaming Championship

Posted: 9:12am 7/13/2015
Elite Gaming Championships had a successful night at Oasis Lounge last Saturday! Fireball Whiskey sponsored the event and they handed out some awesome gear. If you missed this one... don't worry! Their next gaming night will be held at Headshots on the east side of town. For details visit them on Facebook.  

Be sure to check out their photos from Saturday, too!

Whole Foods Farmer's Market

Posted: 10:17am 6/17/2015

Whole Food is having it's first Farmer's Market on Wednesday June 24th from 4pm - 7pm. Local vendors will set up their booths & tents for the afternoon to showcase their products and goods! There will be live music and they will be grilling! 

Don't miss this fun event!!


Posted: 4:40pm 6/08/2015
Wichita Nightlife is the one place bringing together daily food and drink specials, happy hours, and entertainment across the city. It's all here in one community! 

Do you want to become part of the Wichita Nightlife family by advertising your local business!? It's easy... click the following link and we will get back you ASAP! 

Don't forget to download our APP!! It not only shows the current specials, happy hours, and entertainment, but also features a geographic map of all the local bars and restaurants. 


Posted: 4:47pm 6/01/2015
How fun is a local farmers market?? There are so many goodies to purchase, from fresh strawberries to delicious homemade jellies and breads! 

The good thing about a farmers market is not only that you get a chance to buy up some of the freshest fruits and vegetables, but you also get a chance to support local farmers... and that's what it's all about right? Staying Local!

Good thing is, the 2015 Riverfest is hosting a farmers market THIS Monday from 11am-2pm in the Kennedy Plaza. This is the perfect time to snag up some yummy foods and treats. While you're there, check out all the awesome events at the Riverfest! You can find the schedule for each day of festival right here on Just click on the events heading and pick a day listed in bold on the calendar. 

Stay tuned for more local farmers markets when the festival is over!

Wichita Nightlife is Updating!!

Posted: 10:49pm 5/29/2015
Great News!! Wichita Nightlife is updating so that we have all of the latest hot spots and most current specials for you and your friends to check out. So spread the word!

Do you have some awesome photos from your last night out that you would like featured on Wichita Nightlife? Is your favorite hangout spot not listed on here? No problem... just contact Jen at

It is our goal to provide the most up-to-date food and drink specials, events, and entertainment all located in one easy community, here at

Let's Stay local!!


Two Excellent Indies That May Come Here

Posted: 4:21pm 6/03/2013

Two Excellent Indies That May Come Here


I went to New York for the weekend and saw a couple of currently hot indie films: FRANCES HA and THE STORIES WE TELL.  Both of these films are already considered art house hits.  FRANCES HA last weekend was number 11 on the national box office listings and it’s playing on only 133 screens in the U.S.  In comparison the number one movie FAST and FURIOUS 6 played on 3686 screens. THE STORIES WE TELL was in the top 25 movies this week playing on 39 screens.  Now those aren’t figures that  blow anyone away but these are true indie films generating enough business to possibly get booked into the Warren East in one of the smaller screens “past the second lobby.”


FRANCES HA is the latest film by Noah Baumbach who had minor hits with THE SQUID and THE WHALE starring Jeff Daniels, MARGOT AT THE WEDDING a Nicole Kidman film and a Ben Stiller movie where he seriously acts, GREENBERG.  All of those played Wichita theatres.  FRANCES HA stars the very appealing Greta Gerwig who was in NO STRINGS ATTACHED with Ashton Kutcher (this movie’s much better than that.) This movie follows Frances and her circle of late twenty-somethings as they chase every impulse and dream they can muster to avoid committing to growing up.  You may find it a little frustrating or you may find it a little bit like parts of your own present or past and it is in Black & White.  You will find it funny and light and worth the 86 minutes it breezes through.


THE STORIES WE TELL is even more worth the investment of time and money.  It is a very unusual documentary made by Sarah Polley, a well known 30ish actress in American and Canadian independent films.  She was the youngest daughter of two successful stage actors and as a child her older siblings joked that she didn’t look anything like their father.  Her mother died and when she became an adult she decided to investigate what the truth was about her parents.  This movie is the stories of what she found out.  It is part mystery—part love story—part comedy—part drama as each of the persons who were involved reveal at least a piece of the story and a great deal about themselves.  It is a reality show that is actually worth watching about good, well meaning, very flawed human beings.  The showing I was at in NY was full.


I know these sound like chick flicks but what better type of movie for a date night.  I know they may not play Wichita but it won’t be long before they’re on Netflix.  Take the time for these SHOULD SEEs.


Posted: 4:18pm 6/03/2013


So the summer is a time for sequels and we’re going to talk about two of them, the first very successful and the second embarrassing.  STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS is a strong addition to the long series of Star Trek movies.  This one is the very entertaining follow-up to J.J. Abrams’ very savvy rebooting of the series.  I had heard that this was basically a remake of Wrath of Khan but it isn’t.  Abrams takes that iconic character and drops him into the paths of Kirk and Spock.  His smartest  choice here is casting Benedict Cumberbatch, one of England’s best new acting sensations, as the supervillain.  In this installment, Kirk gets to grow up a little, Spock explores his human side, and we all have a good time- a definite SHOULD SEE.

Not so with HANGOVER III.  They apparently realized that after remaking  THE HANGOVER in the second film with a relocation in Bangkok, the same jokes won’t work repeating them again so they don’t even try to be funny.  Zach Galifanikis’ character has been turned from sweet to mean as if that’s a good idea and Ken Jeong’s Mr. Chow becomes the central character of the movie leaving Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper to suffer through just doing reaction shots.  The whole thing is just a coked up crime chase scene that runs way too long in circles.  Please DON’T SEE it or they’ll make a fourth one.

I guess I need to check out FAST & FURIOUS 6 after all.  It’s rated fresh on and it opened bigger than STAR TREK this weekend.

Summer Theatre Kicks Off

Posted: 4:10pm 5/23/2013



Summer is the busiest time for live theatre in Wichita.  In June, Music Theatre of Wichita featuring top professionals from New York and LA presents the hilarious MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT June 12-16 and  the thrilling LES MISERABLES June 26-30. The Crown Uptown wraps the family friendly LITTLE WOMEN June 8 then reopens with HAIRSPRAY, the hit musical about 60’s rock n civil rights June 21. Cabaret Oldtown is still going strong with ALL WAYS A WOMAN!  at least through June 15. Kechi Playhouse starts their season with the wacky YOU TAKE THE CAKE every weekend this month.  The Wichita Community Theatre serves up southern humor with THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB June 6-23.  Mosley Street Melodrama has a new evening’s entertainment with BUTCH CASSIDAY & THE CAN’T DANCE KID.  You can also venture out to area parks for Wichita Shakespeare Company’s Wild West TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA.  Give live theatre a try! 


Posted: 4:07pm 5/23/2013


First a couple of questions: have you read THE GREAT GATSBY? It Is a classic America novel frequently assigned in high school and college and it was Wichita’s Big Read last fall.  More importantly, if you’ve read it, did you like it? Finally, if you answered yes, do you realize that a novel and a film are very different works of entertainment?

All that to preface:  I love the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel as a piece of literature and I liked the new Baz Luhrmann movie as a piece of cinema very much.  Luhrmann of MOULIN ROUGE and ROMEO + JULIET visually over the top fame has taken the 1925 story of Jazz Age lost love and disillusionment and turned it into a truly gorgeous movie very much in the style of movies that were made by the great film directors of the 1920s such as Fritz Lang, Josef von Sternberg, or F.W. Murnau if they had had 3D and CGI at their disposal.  Just like the novel, the whole story of millionaire mystery Jay Gatsby and his fickle lady love Daisy Buchanan is told by Gatsby’s only true friend, Nick Carraway, as a mournful memoir.  Because Nick is trying to work through his demons, the story and therefore the film is by no means straightforward reality.  It is the dazzled and confused memories of a young nobody who fell in with a ridiculously wealthy and careless crowd and (surely this is not a spoiler) no one’s story ends happily. 


Tobey McGuire ably plays the naïve vulnerable Nick with Leonardo diCaprio enigmatic as his memory of his fallen hero and Carey Mulligan equally enigmatic as the woman Gatsby loves.  It isn’t a happy tale and it invites you to reflect on what happened right along with Nick.  This feast for the eyes is also the best, most sumptuous use of 3D to tell a story since Scorsese’s HUGO.  GATSBY is visually a stunner.  Opening this in May, Warner Bros. has given audiences the ultimate alternative to superhero blockbusters.  Judging from its $50+ million opening weekend, their risk paid off.  If you want to see a truly cinematic movie  based on a great literary source, you SHOULD SEE IT.


Posted: 4:04pm 5/23/2013


Nobody in the packed theatre expected to be watching this year’s first summer movie wearing winter jackets.  I didn’t expect the threequel in this MARVEL comics franchise to be so entirely jokey and tongue in cheek.  IRON MAN 3 plays to its star Robert Downey Jr.’s greatest strength: sustaining a non-stop flow of smartass commentary about everyone and everything he encounters.  What appears to start out as a dark encounter with the brutality of modern terrorism gets turned on its head into a farcical melodramatic goof on superhero egos and vulnerabilities.  The plot is just a pretense for over two hours of impressive CGI stunts and funny  sight gags.  It is fun, not nearly as much fun as last year’s AVENGERS, but provides plenty of fun and laughs to keep us going until we get what looks to be a pretty dour MAN OF STEEL (ala THE DARK KNIGHT) next month.  I had a perfectly good time and you will too.  If you’re a regular moviegoer like the audience when I saw it, ranging in age from 8 to 80, this movie calls for a new critic proof classification:  YOU PROBABLY WILL SEE it.

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